The only difference you should see between them is the id number.

This is an exercise for a print ad for november 20th, a holiday in Brazil that celebrates the importance of black culture and promotes non-prejudice relations.

Photo: Jessica Monstans
Post Production: Jessica Monstans
Copywrite: Jessica Monstans and Raphaela Cid
The beginning of a new year is also the beginning of a new cycle. A good moment to think about what's passed and start to write a new future. It's time for dreaming, planning and making new achievements.
And Pares is wishing they all come true.
Merry Christmas and Prosper New Cycle.

This was sent by email to all partners and clients of Pares in the end of the year. Pares is a group ou business consultants.

Copywriter: Raphaela Cid
Poster illustrating the quote "Design is where science and art break even".
   In end, that really matters to you is the result.
   And we're here to solve your problems. (in free translation: solve your equation)

   Ad for an dvertising and design company.

   Copywriter: Raphaela Cid
   Ad for Engineer's Union to promote their upcoming new office in Resende, emphasizing that not only are  
   they moving, but also bringing what they've learned and conquered over the past 80 years.

   Copywriter: Raphela Cid

Ad for a magazine to promote Instituto da Criança, a third sector organization that helps children.
Wall Poster to promote a brand of watches.

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